All About Fibrous Moulding For Baseboard

Right from the dawn of the human civilization, the primitive people started decorating their habitats. Ancient cave paintings done by the cave men are proofs without any doubt that they also felt the need for interior decoration as part of good living practice.Do you need to have a modern look of your residence or office? Is the furniture damaging walls? Or, do you wish to impart an architectural shine on the ceiling of your master bedroom? In all the cases you need to go for moulding.


Plaster cornice or moulding is a particular way of interior decoration that brings value and beauty to modern homes. Base mouldings are applied as a protection of the wall from kicks, bumps, furniture, etc. It contains three parts that are a flat plank, a decorative cap moulding and a rounded shoe moulding to cover the gaps in the floor.

Applying shade to a structural object without changing the material is the simplest form of Base Molding. The contrast thus formed the object more distinctly. Decorative base mouldings consist of wood, stone and cement. Recently vinyl based materials are also used in base moulding. When viewed from an end, moulding profiles take the shape of a trim. One can add new designs by combining two or more different moulding pieces. There is no common style and culture of base moulding. It differs from one country to the other.

There are various types of mouldings meant for different purposes.

  • Shop molding for window frame stills and wall surface; back band applied to outside corner and edge of the window;
  • Bead molding applied where the surfaces join at an angle;
  • Chair rail applied in a band round the room on the wall to prevent damages of the wall from chairs;
  • Cove molding, a concave profile used as a corner guard
  • Crown molding used to cover the joints where the walls meet the ceiling are some of the most commonly used types.

How to install base moulding?

Instaling or changing base frame is not an easy job. The method depends on what is wrong with the wall and also on the look and decoration required. Change of height of the flooring also makes Base Molding Installation complicated affair. The position of the Carpets, tiles and laminates are also to be given due consideration while installing base moulding. It is either nailed or preferably glued to the wall using the right type of adhesive.


How to select the right type?

While preliminary base moulding can be done while finishing the room, it is always better to plan the furniture and fittings to be placed in the room beforehand for choosing the right type of base moulding requirement. Moreover, selection of colors that would look best also has to be visualized before doing the job. The modern trend is to use materials made of plaster products. A good architect and inferior designer can guide for the best possible solution.

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